Station Examples

Though there are many different ways to categorize your radio capabilities in the Ham Radio World, we will group station capabilities into 3 basic categories. This is to give you a general idea what someone working a particular assignment should be able to setup equipment wise. They are as follows:

  • Temp Mobile Setup
  • Temp Stationary Setup
  • Hand Held Setup

*Note – Motorcycle Setup information for Motorcycle Marshals is available on the Motorcycle Marshals Website

Most (not all) assignments will require a mobile radio (dual band preferred) and a mag-mount gain antenna that is capable of being powered directly by the vehicle you are assigned to. Each assignment has the station standard category that is required for it listed after the assignment name on the assignment list (see ‘assignments’ link above). These are just basic standards and we would encourage hams to be creative in making adjustments as needed as each assignment is unique.

Temp Mobile Setup (vehicle that’s not yours)

  • Mobile Radio
    • Dual Band Preferred
    • 25+ Watts on 2 Meters
    • 25+ Watts on 70 cm (440)
  • Mag-Mount GAIN Antenna (1/4 wave will not do)
  • Temp Power Connection
    • Lighter Plug connection -OR-
    • Umbilical cable connected DIRECT to battery
  • Notes – You should be able to quickly setup your equipment in the vehicle you are assigned to and provide communications for. Your equipment should be stored in a bag or other suitable container so that you can easily transport it to your assigned vehicle.

Temp Stationary Setup

  • Mobile Radio
    • Dual Band Preferred
    • 25+ Watts on 2 Meters
    • 25+ Watts on 70 cm (440)
  • Gain Type Antenna
    • Mag Mount on vehicle close by  -OR-
    • Small Base Type Antenna
    • IDEALLY – Antenna is elevated in some way – i.e. it is attached to a section of mast or other suitable elevated location.
  • Power Source (one of the following)
    • Large battery -OR-
    • Your Vehicle parked new by -OR-
    • Small Generator & Power Supply
  • Notes –

Hand-held Setup

(info to come)

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