How Do I Check I Am Signed Up?

There are two places you will need to check to verify you have completed the two-step sign-up process.

1 – The Com Form

Go to this webpage: The Com Form – Who Submitted Entry

This is a static list of who has complete The Com Form. This form is used to collect additional information on the Ram Radio volunteers to assist with making assignments for the event. The Com Form asks you a bunch of questions about your volunteer interests, availability, equipment, and other stuff. When you complete this form you get put on the 2016 mailing list and receive the password to the downloads page.

We would ideally like every Ham Radio operator, regardless of what committee / team they are on, to complete The Com Form.

2 – 2017 Volunteer Registration

Check to see if your name appears on one of the following team pages:

  1. SAG Drivers / Navigators (link to be added)
  2. CERT Teams (link to be added)
  3. All Other Ham Radio Operators
  4. If you are volunteering on a team not listed please check your team page

The bottom section of the team pages lists who has completed the BP MS150 Volunteer Sign-Up (which includes the 2017 Volunteer Agreement). If you see your name then you are good to go.

***Note – It is possible you may have completed the Volunteer Registration process but may have been placed in the general volunteer list. If you got an acknowledgement e-mail from the BP MS150 website but do not see your name on one of the above team pages please e-mail to have this corrected.

If you do not see your name on one of the above team pages you have likely not completed the 2017 Volunteer Registration process. Click ‘Join Team’ on the appropriate team page to complete volunteer registration. More detailed instructions are available at the How To Volunteer page.

If you have any questions please see the Contact Page

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