TXH_2015_BP_MS_150_-_Logo_-_Full_ColorApril 18-19, 2015

The communications committee looks forward to your participation for the upcoming event. Without the support of over 140+ Amateur Radio Operators and other communications related teams and committees this event could NOT happen. Through everyone’s hard work we succeed with “Keeping Everyone Connected”.

How To Volunteer in a Communications Role

  1. Have An Interest In Volunteering
  2. Have Access To The Minimum Equipment
  3. Complete The Com Form
    1. The Com Form
  4. Complete 2015 Volunteer Registration on the BP MS150 Website (ONE of the following)
    1. SAG Drivers / Navigators
    2. CERT Teams
    3. All Other Ham Radio Operators
    4. (ride marshals should go to their team page for this step)
  5. Plan To Attend A Pre-Event Meeting
  6. Show Up At 5:00 AM Saturday – April 18

Detailed instructions are here: How To Volunteer 2015

Important Updates

Meeting Dates

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