Important Updates

2019 BP MS150 April 27-28

**If you think you have completed some or all steps already please see How To – Check I’m Signed Up

The communications committee looks forward to your participation in the upcoming event. Without the support of over 140+ Amateur Radio Operators and other communications related teams and committees this event could NOT happen. Through everyone’s hard work we succeed with “Keeping Everyone Connected”.

How To Volunteer in a Communications Role

  1. Have An Interest In Volunteering
  2. Have Access To The Minimum Equipment
  3. Complete The Com Form –> The Com Form
  4. Complete a 2019 Volunteer Signup on the Signup Genius Site (ONE of the following)
    1. Com / Hams that are NOT SAGs or CERT
    2. SAG Drivers
    3. SAG Navigators
    4. Box / Bus Combos
    5. CERT Teams
    6. Full List of Skilled Committees is at THIS LINK
      1. (ride marshals have a link as well as other committees)
  5. Plan To Attend A Pre-Event Meeting (some will be online)
  6. Show Up At 5:00 AM Saturday – April 27

Detailed instructions are here: How To Volunteer 2019

Meeting Dates

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